We are a full service office cleaning company specializing in Eco-Friendly janitorial and maintenance services.


We offer a range of scheduled janitorial services on contract basis to industrial/commercial businesses or buildings throughout the greater Toronto area, York and Peel regions.


Our cleaning crews are amongst the best in the cleaning business they are experienced, fully trained, reliable and professional people dedicated to the cleaning business and janitorial services profession.


Serv-U-Clean's customer service supervsors are tasked to visit our clients facilites on periodic basis to ensure consistant quality of cleaning service is being performed by Serv-U-Clean, and identify potential maintenance issues that will require attention in near fututre.


Our janitorial and maintenance services we provide are fully insured and our cleaning technicians are bonded with customer service focus and we Guarantee our client's satisfaction.



Other Services We Offer

Window Cleaning

Our expert window washing crews service small to large commercial/industrial buildings under 3 storeys high in Greater Toronto Area and York and Peel region.

Carpet Cleaning

We provide deep carpet extraction cleaning in Greater Toronto Area for commercial buildings, offices.

Concrete Restoration and Flooding Restoration Services

We provide cleaning and restoration services for commercial, residential and office properties damaged by water and we restore warehouse and office concrete floors and polishing. We offer our clients mergency service when required.



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