The Importance of cleaning Windows

15/12/2011 13:46

Windows form an integral part of any accommodation. Offices, homes or any other commercial property needs windows for ventilation and lighting. It’s of utmost importance to keep these windows clean to let air and light pass through it for a healthy living of human beings. Clean windows maintained by janitorial service company will go a long way in maintaining the grace of your property.



The need to clean windows regularly arises from the fact that these are defaced by weather conditions, bird poop, cobwebs and a host of other reasons that go in defacing the windows. Sometimes people feel its more easy and cost effective to change the glass than clean the windows. But changing glass very frequently will not really be cost effective as it’s quite a bad idea to change the glass quite frequently.


Dishwashing soap can be effectively used to clean windows in an effective manner at home. Considering the cost effectiveness this is the most widely used technique to keep the windows spic span especially for small properties that don’t want to keep a regular janitorial service company at their disposal for cleaning needs. Adding Ammonia, vinegar and alcohol is not really a good idea although the shine of the windows comes out to be fantastic but these ingredients eat up on the rubber seals of the window panes which may lead to the falling of glass even at the slightest of wind.


Cleaning windows is suggested on a cloudy day as the sun would cause the solution or the detergent to dry very fast thus leading to a sloppy look on the windows even after they are cleaned with water. Streaks of the cleaning solution or the detergent used look worse than the windows than they were earlier. While removing deposits of paint, resin or glue you need to wet the surface and then scrape the deposit with a blade or scraper. Make sure you scrape it in one direction only in order to avoid scratching the surface.


To keep the ventilation and light coming through the windows it’s of utmost importance to keep them clean and spic span. It’s easy to keep them clean in small setups but in commercial and large setups its always advisable to hire a janitorial service company that can take care of all your cleaning needs in the long run.


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