Carpet cleaning tips at your tips

29/12/2011 13:20


Keeping your home or office neat and clean is no child's play. One needs to be very particular while cleaning the carpets placed in the house or office as a single wrong move or technique employed by you in cleaning the carpet will ruin the carpet sometimes beyond the reparable conditions. Thus while hiring a cleaning company or cleaning the carpet yourself you need to be really careful about the strategy that you are going to deploy for cleaning the carpeted area. 


If you have pets moving around in the house chances are that hair from their fur will be found on the carpet. For this you can use a vacuum cleaner or a brush that’s available in the market especially for carpet cleaning needs. Make sure while moving the vacuum cleaner or brush that the movement is from top to bottom and not from bottom to top. Follow the design on the carpet. You need to move along with the design else chances are that you are going to ruin the carpet. You need to maintain the carpet pattern at all costs. The brush will be of immense help for hair that don’t come out with the vacuum cleaner. 


Many a times you get those hard bubblegum stains on your carpet. These stains are there due to the accumulation of dirt along with moisture that is taken up by the carpet either from the atmosphere or the wet floor. These stains are best removed with the help of hot water and a scrubber along with detergent. If the stains are hard t remove use a knife to scratch from the carpet. 


Remember detergent attracts dirt thus use detergent wherever you feel it can be used and washed easily. Make sure after washing a carpet with a detergent you need to dry it properly as a wet carpet will surely be going to attract more dirt that will be hard to remove next time you decide to wash it or clean it. 


Its always advisable for large establishments to go in for professional carpet cleaning services. If you are getting your carpets cleaned by a novice chances are that the ambience of your office may be marred just because of bad cleaning techniques. For carpets that are fragile or too expensive professional help is the best option. There are special requirements of many carpets which come with the instructions part along with the carpet one needs to follow them religiously else chances are that you may loose one of your most beautiful assets.


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